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Client version 9.7.2 is now available. To read about the list of enhancements this client includes, please review the client´s version history at http://www.corp.att.com/agnc/windows/documentation/versionhistory.pdf.
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Frequently Asked Questions
» How does x2 really work?
» Is my local access number x2 capable?
» Is there a certain model of the US Robotics modem that has had trouble connecting to V.92/V.44 enabled modems?
» What is U.S. Robotics x2 Modem Technology?
» Will my 56k Flex modem connect at x2 speeds?
How Do I...
» Check for line noise?
» Check line quality with my modem?
» Configure a modem for Windows NT?
» Configure a modem pool for Chooser Out-Dial for Windows 95 v4.5?
» Configure a modem pool for INSYNC Modemshare v7.0?
» Configure a modem pool for LANtastic v7.0?
» Configure a modem pool for Shiva NetManger version 4.02?
» Update the firmware for my USRobotics modem to enable V.92 access?
» 56k Modem Issues.
» Changing your modem strings.
» Common modem errors.
» Contacting your local phone company.
» UART Chip information.
» Unable to connect to the network using a USRobotics modem.
» Verify your modem has the latest Firmware.
» Verify your modem isn´t an RPI software correcting modem.
» Windows 95/98 Modem Installation.
» Windows NT Modem Installation.

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